Is the name of card required? Or can I just pass card number, exp. date and security code?

You can tokenize whatever you need, we support all kinds of message formats like JSON, payment form, XML, HTML, PDF, etc... so you can just setup tokenization rules on our dashboard and part of the message will be tokenized. For instance:

“name”: {
    “firstname”: “John”,
    “lastname”: “Doe”
“card”: {

    “number”: “411111111111111".
    “cvv”: 1234,
    “exp”: 1220
“data”: “other data”

By setting up JSON PATH rule on dashboard you can tokenize fields, for example following JSON Path rule will tokenize card number


Additionally multiple rules can be specified so multiple fields can be tokenized at once. So you normally you would the following set of rules to tokenize card number and CVV:

'$.card.number' and



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