Why does the proxy use http instead of https?

When starting the implementation to process your data with our HTTP Proxy, your engineering team may notice that the proxy for your curl, Postman, Javascript, Python, Go, or Java client is using an http connection. This is as expected, the https connection by default is over port 443 so the proxy negotiates a secure connection over http to your VGS vault via port 8080. No two connections can be over the same port, so VGS uses port 8080 to proxy your request and completes the https connection over port 443 to the actual upstream host you wish to submit your request. See the diagram below for how the VGS Proxy works.

To see examples of how to use the proxy with your client, please see the Code snippets link from within your VGS Dashboard.

In addition, you can see our GitHub repository for examples of using the proxy library for your specific programming language at the link below.


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