How do I delete an alias that is no longer needed?

Keep in mind that VGS aliases the same data to the same alias to avoid keeping multiple aliases for the same underlying data.

If one customer enters the card number (i.e. 4111111111111111) and another customer enters the same card number (i.e. 4111111111111111), then both will have the same VGS alias (i.e. tok_sandbox_htyxUZKGeCqLpzYQ7YU7Ki) when you save the alias with their customer profile in your datastore. Having multiple users with the same underlying data will require you to delete the alias from the user within your datastore and not within your VGS vault to avoid disabling that alias for other users connected to that same underlying data. This may be a relevant use case if the card number is used by the same company.

If you are certain an alias only exists for the user you wish to delete the alias for, then please see our documentation below.

Please review how to delete an existing alias below.

VGS Example
Using the Vault API send a DELETE request to remove the alias from your VGS vault.



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