How does multiple Custom Hostnames (CNAMEs) work with VGS?

To use multiple inbound routes, you can use the default vault inbound endpoint "https://<vault id>" for the first inbound route. No CNAME is needed to be added for the first inbound route, this is "Default" option already set under the Routes > Inbound > Manage button > from under the Custom Hostnames section.

When creating an additional inbound route you will need to add a CNAME. Remove the "Default" CNAME if you are using it as an endpoint on the first inbound route. By adding a CNAME you are distinguishing between the first route and the second route with the a unique CNAME. For every additional inbound route, you will need to set another unique CNAME to distinguish it from the previous inbound routes.

NOTE 1: Remember to add the CNAME under Vault Settings > Custom Hostnames tab > Add button.

NOTE 2: Remember to apply the CNAME under each inbound route from Routes > Inbound > Manage button > add the CNAME from under the Custom Hostnames section.


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