Redact a file through VGS HTTP proxy

You can redact any file through VGS HTTP proxy by sending this file in your request. For example to redact an image:

  1. Convert an image into the base64 format.

  2. Create JSON file with the base64 text of the image.

  3. Create a new inbound route in VGS dashboard with default settings. Add the field from your file in JSON path in the filter section to redact this particular field.

  4. Use this curl request in order to send an image to VGS proxy:
    curl \
    -H "Content-type: application/json" \
  5. To make sure request was sent successfully, monitor routes activity either with the logger widget (open by clicking Show Logs button) or via the Access Logs page.

    You can upload files up to 24MB in size. The Vault API supports files up to 32MB in size.
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