Multiple payment gateways

What if you want to expose a number of payment gateways and their specific credential requirements to all of your users so that they can select their chosen payment gateway, input their credentials where we can send transactional payments through it on their behalf?

Each gateway your users use Moneris, stripe, etc.. have different requirements and credentials.

Let's say you have three 3rd party gateways, Moneris, Stripe, FirstData. Each have their own authentication requirements, some want token others username/password. 
Each of your users will use at least one of each of these gateways and each have their own credentials.

How is this best managed autonomously without you as the Organization having to input that sensitive data manually?


The answer for that is HTTP proxy with multiple outbound routes! You can achieve it by creating separate outbound routes for each of your third party. And integrate a separate stack of credentials for each route. At this point VGS will collect the data for you and no manual work is required from your end. 

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