How do I create my own customized route tags?


Pre-made route TAGS ("card-number", "cvv", "account-number"...) inside your route configurations do not suit your use cases. You want to create your own customized tags for your VGS dashboard. You want to use the customized tag to categorized your routes in different ways.

Example: You want to create "internal" tag for all the internal requests and you want to create "customer" tag for all the customer requests. 



Please review how to config a YAML file in your route.


Please review how to tag a route.


Please review how to implement classifier tags on data.


VGS Steps

You can configure your own customized tags by following the instructions below. 

How To:

After you have decided which route you would like to add your customized tag:

- Go to Routes

- Select the route you want to config

- Click on Manage routeScreen_Shot_2021-02-10_at_4.40.20_PM.png

- Select Export YAML then click Export


- Launch the YAML file with your favorite text editor. Add "TAGS" key with the customized tag value into the "empty {} classifiers" field in the YAML file


- Save the YAML file and upload the file to update your route configuration. (Now you should see the customized tag in Filters section of your route)


NOTE*: If you customized the tag when you redact your data please make sure to include the customized tag when you want to reveal your data. 

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